Howls at the Moon

Sometimes the numenera is a double-edged sword. You are cursed and blessed to be able to transform into a powerful creature, drawing additional mass from a transdimensional source. You and the GM s ...

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Hunts with Great Skill

You are a tracker. Perhaps you hunt animals or more deadly creatures. Perhaps you go after people as a bounty hunter, law enforcer, or killer for hire.

Whatever form your hunting takes, you ...

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Jacks are intrepid explorers and adventurers. They are jacks of all trades—hence the name—although the word also hearkens back to fables involving a wily, resourceful hero who always seems to b ...

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A lattimor is the result of a symbiotic union of two different creatures: a bursk (a large, muscular, hairy biped) and a neem (an intelligent fungal creature). They come together in synthesis to fo ...

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Using charisma, natural leadership, and perhaps some training, you command the actions of others, who follow you willingly. You are a commander, a captain, a leader, or a general. Your skills allow ...

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Lives in the Wilderness

You dwell in the wilds. You probably have done so most, if not all, of your life, coming to understand the mysteries of nature, weather, and survival. The ways of flora and fauna are your ways.


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Masters Defense

Protecting yourself is obviously important in dangerous situations, and you are particularly good at it. Cautious and prudent, you learn techniques to defend against all kinds of attacks, both phys ...

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