Page References
  • Numenera Corebook, Page 122

A lattimor is the result of a symbiotic union of two different creatures: a bursk (a large, muscular, hairy biped) and a neem (an intelligent fungal creature). They come together in synthesis to form a new being. Effectively, a lattimor is two creatures with one body. A typical lattimor stands about 7 feet (2.1 m) tall, with broad, sloping shoulders, powerful arms, and short legs. It has two large and widely spaced eyes, plus four smaller eyes positioned high and close together. Although its entire body is covered in brownish-blond, black, or white hair, the back of a lattimor has a flat, discolored area, almost like a massive bruise.

Without a neem, a bursk is little more than a beast, about as intelligent as a smart, well-trained pack animal. Without a bursk, a neem is aware and intelligent, but not nearly at a human’s level; it’s not fcapable of using tools and is barely mobile. In its fugue state, a lattimor is careful but curious. In a bursk state, the creature is easily bored and focuses mainly on eating and proving its prowess (and worth) through physical acts, such as combat, feats of strength, or contests. In a neem state, the creature is timid, thoughtful, and introverted. It likes to talk but probably would rather just think.

Playing a lattimor as a PC race can be difficult, as it is one character with three personalities and strengths. For an extra challenge, two players could play a single lattimor character together, with one in control when the creature is in bursk state, the other in control when in neem state, and the two working together when in fugue state.

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