Howls at the Moon

Page References
  • Numenera Corebook, Page 64
  • Cypher System Rulebook, Page 134

Sometimes the numenera is a double-edged sword. You are cursed and blessed to be able to transform into a powerful creature, drawing additional mass from a transdimensional source. You and the GM should work out the exact nature of the creature, including its appearance, but it’s a wild beast of rage and blood—at least until you learn to control it. Creatures like you are often called “lycanthropes.”

Style and appearance are probably low on your list of concerns. Your clothes might be ragged because your transformation is hard on them (or they’re cheap because you know they’ll be destroyed the next time you transform).

Anyone—glaive, jack, or nano—can be a lycanthrope, although a glaive likely benefits the most from the transformation.