Employs Magnetism

Electromagnetism is a fundamental force in the universe, and it is yours to command. You are a master of metal.

You probably wear a lot of metal, perhaps as part of your clothing or armor, a ...

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You are an entertainer: a singer, dancer, poet, storyteller, or something similar. You perform for the benefit of others. Naturally charismatic and talented, you have also studied to master your ar ...

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Explores Dark Places

You explore the foreboding ruins and mysterious locales of the ancient eras, trained in such activities by those who have gone before you. You’re the archetypical treasure hunter, scavenger, and ...

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Fights with Panache

You know that style is at least as important as substance. Defeating foes is secondary to looking good while doing it. Some might call you a swashbuckler or daredevil. You leap through the air, mak ...

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Focuses Mind Over Matter

Telekinesis. Psychokinesis. Mind over matter. The power has many names, but in the end, it all boils down to one thing—the molecules that make up all matter are yours to command. You likely call ...

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