Casts Spells

Page References
  • Cypher System Rulebook, Page 103

You can cast spells of arcing lightning, rolling fire, creeping shadow, and summoning. As a spellcaster, you understand that the world is a construct built on hidden formulas, flows of energy, and encrypted arcane secrets. Spells are specific flaws in reality that have been identified, studied, and codified into a spellbook for ease of reference and use.

Though you likely apprenticed under a more accomplished spellcaster, sorcerer, or wizard, you quickly learned that the most powerful spells—those that can alter a creature’s form, open pathways to other worlds, or kill with a single word—are jealously guarded secrets even among friendly spellcasters, including between master and apprentice.

You probably wear sturdy robes stitched with esoteric symbols, carry a staff etched with indecipherable glyphs, and, last but certainly not least, carry a tome of magic spells wherever you go.