Page References
  • Cypher System Rulebook, Page 22

You’re a good ally to have in a fight. You know how to use weapons and defend yourself. Depending on the genre and setting in question, this might mean wielding a sword and shield in the gladiatorial arena, an AK-47 and a bandolier of grenades in a savage firefight, or a blaster rifle and powered armor when exploring an alien planet.

Fantasy: warrior, fighter, swordsman, knight, barbarian, soldier, myrmidon, valkyrie

Modern/Horror: police officer, soldier, watchman, detective, guard, brawler, tough, athlete

Science fiction: security officer, warrior, trooper, soldier, merc

Superhero: hero, brick, bruiser

Warriors aren’t always soldiers or mercenaries. Anyone who is ready for violence, or even potential violence, might be a warrior in the general sense. This includes guards, watchmen, police officers, sailors, or people in other roles or professions who know how to defend themselves with skill.

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