Page References
  • Cypher System Rulebook, Page 38

You are a person of action and physical ability, fearlessly facing the unknown. You travel to strange, exotic, and dangerous places, and discover new things. This means you’re physical but also probably knowledgeable.

Fantasy: explorer, adventurer, delver, mystery seeker

Modern/Horror: athlete, explorer, adventurer, drifter, detective, scholar, spelunker, trailblazer, investigative reporter

Science fiction: explorer, adventurer, wanderer, planetary specialist, xenobiologist

Superhero: adventurer, crimefighter

Not all explorers are out traipsing through the wilderness or poking about an old ruin. Sometimes, an explorer is a teacher, a scientist, a detective, or an investigative reporter. In any event, an explorer bravely faces new challenges and gathers knowledge to share with others.

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