Page References
  • The Strange corebook, Page 30

Paradoxes are the mad scientists, the sorcerers, and the breakers of the rules of reality. They are not bound by what others believe to be true.

Paradoxes derive their abilities from a connection to the Strange, regardless of where they claim their power originates. With those abilities—called revisions—they can transgress the laws of reality and alter the rules of a recursion. The Strange permeates the cosmos, though it’s hard for anyone not quickened to its presence to interact with it like paradoxes (and spinners and vectors, in their own ways) do. Though most paradoxes refer to their special abilities as revisions, some refer to them as knacks, prayers, spells, or psychic gifts.

Many paradoxes come from a background that includes extensive training of a scientific, technical, religious, or spiritual nature. They could also have experience in an esoteric order. As a result, they have an aptitude with equipment, paraphernalia, or rituals that may aid them in their pursuits.

"The dream of invisibility is usually everything people imagine, but also remember that buses, stampeding creatures, and normally benign automated machinery also can’t sense you. Adjust for your safety accordingly."

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