Page References
  • The Strange corebook, Page 38

 Spinners are striking individuals, and they possess a personality that allows them to spin tales, spin lies, or spin a version of the truth that makes others see things in a whole new way. If anyone is going to make a friend of an enemy, bluff a way into a high-security compound, or mislead a world-devouring planetovore , it’s a spinner. Whether through leadership, influence, or behind-the-scenes manipulation, a spinner pushes things in the direction she wants them to go.

Some spinner abilities could be attained through practice by anyone with some talent, but a spinner has an underlying facility: everything a spinner accomplishes is quickened by her connection to the Strange. A spinner’s abilities—called twists —can be used to adjust, distort, and exploit.

Though sometimes people use the term “spinner” as a derogative label, most actual spinners bear the name as a badge of honor

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