Page References
  • Numenera Corebook, Page 32

Nanos are sometimes called mages, wizards, sorcerers, or witches by the people of the Ninth World. Nanosorcerer is also a common term, with their abilities referred to as nano-sorcery. Some claim to be the representatives of gods or other supernatural agencies. Whatever they’re called, nanos master the mysteries of the past to the degree that they seem to perform miracles. They tap into the numenera to alter reality or learn things that they couldn’t otherwise know.

The term “nano” is derived from the nanotechnology that is omnipresent throughout the Ninth World (whether anyone realizes it or not). Sometimes people call these invisible, numinous particles that infuse the landscape nano-spirits. Sometimes these spirits take on a devastating manifestation called the Iron Wind and move through the air in clouds, which can be far more dangerous than any conventional storm. In truth, nanites are literally everywhere.

“When adding a fluctuating generator to an unstable warp capacitor, make sure you polarize the endings correctly or you’ll end up draining the energy... directly into your brain.” ~Sir Arthour

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