Practices Soul Sorcery

Page References
  • The Strange corebook, Page 71

You can mold souls like an artisan can mold clay. You begin your training by learning how to install your own soul in a phylactery you wear as a ring or amulet. You soon learn to attract the lost souls of the dead who evaded the Night Vault and house them in rings you wear, figurines you carry, and even tattoos you sport.

A soulmancer (as someone who Practices Soul Sorcery is sometimes called) at the height of her power might wear a ring on each finger, each one resonant with a particular ability or piece of knowledge a resident soul possesses.

You wear robes stitched with runes of spirit warding, spirit luring, and spirit calming. The runes have no intrinsic power, but they help you concentrate when you wield your soulmancy.

Soulmancers are most often paradoxes and spinners, but a vector (a soul warrior) is a frightening enemy to have.