Embraces Qephilim Ancestry

Page References
  • The Strange corebook, Page 59

You are a qephilim, which means your ancestors were servitors of the Incarnations. During the Age of Myth, qephilim were semidivine in their own right, and builders of the first civilizations in Ardeyn. The ancient qephilim thrived for thousands of years before Lotan shrugged, toppling most of those ancient empires and birthing humans that some saw as a curse. Later, when War betrayed the Maker and the Incarnations went away, so too did the semi-divine nature of the qephilim, who became mortal creatures. Because a trace of
the old blood remains strong in you, because you’ve uncovered ancient scrolls regarding qephilim power, or due to a reason you don’t yet fully comprehend, that power from days of yore wakes in you once more.

Your ebony skin, elongated jaw, and expressive ears mark you as a qephilim, but your mythlight is brighter and more pure than that of other qephilim, granting you grace obvious to anyone who sees you. Some might attempt to worship you, but others see you as a heretic for impersonating the ancient qephilim. Therefore, you often dim your glorious mythlight and enhanced abilities when possible.

Paradoxes, spinners, and vectors are equally likely to embrace qephilim ancestry.