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  • Numenera Corebook, Page 121

Tall and angular, the varjellen would never be confused with humans. They have a violet-red hue to their flesh; bulbous, yellow-cast, contralateral eyes; a tall, thin crest atop their head; and a broad chest with two limblike structures that open a cavity within their chest. This cavity protects their heart and provides them access to it and other internal organs. Humans have likened a varjellen’s chest to a cage with doors that can open and close.

Aside from these physical characteristics, the varjellen share some general personality traits (though individuals obviously differ). Humans often find them cold, ponderous, and unemotional most of the time, but they can be unpredictably warm, impassioned, or erratic. Guarded around strangers, the varjellen are freer with information and casual behavior among those they trust. But often, a varjellen’s trust is difficult to win.

Varjellen and lattimors are not the only visitant races in the Ninth World, but they are the most common. Others live in more isolated or far-flung areas and are not as well known.

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