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  • Gods of the Fall, Page 128

Tarans are hulking humanoids who stand between 7 to 9 feet (2 to 3 m) tall on average. In addition to their size, tarans are distinguishable from humans by their lack of eyes; tarans sense by vibration, scent, and smell. Most are warriors or hunters, as sturdy and hard as the Cerulean Peaks where most of their kind still lives. They’re also as intractable as those same peaks, fiercely proud, and certain that they are descended from gods even older than those who fell with Elanehtar. Tarans who come to the lands where humans dwell do so as mercenaries, criminals, or slaves destined for a short life of brute labor. Humans often denigrate taran intelligence, but as tarans tell it, that’s only because humans are intimidated by taran stature.

Tarans worshipped a single patron god of their species called Lelana, the Grandmother of the Skies. Lelana was said to be more than 50 feet (20 m) in height. According to taran stories, Lelana survived the Fall and lies sleeping at the bottom of the Sea of Clouds.

Tarans hold the Cerulean Peaks to be sacred ground. The largest taran settlements are found there, but tarans may originally come from another realm entirely, someplace lost in the Aether.

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