Page References
  • Numenera Character Options, Page 33

Living under the banner of the tiger of Draolis has taught you, above all, the power of glory. You believe it can be wielded to vanquish all evil, destroy all enemies, and heal all wounds. For you, recognition isn’t the point—it’s the means to an end. You don’t need all the glory for yourself, either. As long as you garner the lion’s share of the accolades and can use them to reach your goal, you’re happy to share the attention.

Powerful and captivating, your actions or voice draw all eyes. You likely dress with care, attention, and just the right amount of flair. You probably keep all of your equipment in meticulous shape, your bags are organized, and you’re always at the ready to heed a public call to action. You may have a favorite phrase or two that you proclaim at opportune times, usually when all eyes are on you.