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  • Numenera Character Options, Page 42

Golthiars are humanoid creatures, about 6.5 feet (2 m) tall, composed of barklike skin and woody muscle. A golthiar’s single eye rests in the middle of a bulbous, petalled head, all of which resides atop a long, stalklike neck. Although golthiars as a race are diverse in both appearance and personality, there is one thing that most share: a purpose in life. For a golthiar, nothing is more important than the job at hand, whether that means guarding something, attacking something, or scouting something. Those without jobs or orders to follow often begin to wither within a few months. Death is likely to follow.

Occasionally, a golthiar goes rogue, breaking off from its companions at an early age and attempting to go it alone. Most find this difficult at best, but the smartest and most adaptable find a place among human civilization, usually by learning to communicate and making themselves indispensable as guards, scouts, or fighters.

Most golthiars move in groups of four or more. Thus, players who choose to play a golthiar should have a backstory on why their character has gone rogue.

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