Operates Undercover

Espionage is not something you know anything about. At least, that’s what you want everyone to believe, because in truth, you’ve been trained as a spy or covert agent. You might work for a gove ...

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Paradoxes are the mad scientists, the sorcerers, and the breakers of the rules of reality. They are not bound by what others believe to be true.

Paradoxes derive their abilities from a conn ...

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Practices Soul Sorcery

You can mold souls like an artisan can mold clay. You begin your training by learning how to install your own soul in a phylactery you wear as a ring or amulet. You soon learn to attract the lost s ...

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Processes Information

While Ruk science enhances the physical bodies of many who live there, for you the enhancement is all to your brain. Your neural connections are faster, your memory is greater, and eventually you l ...

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Regenerates Tissue

Your body possesses a natural ability to heal its own hurts. You’ve accelerated this through biomodifications and self-directed surgeries, which is why some refer to you as an egosome.

So ...

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You’re perceptive and well aware of your surroundings. You notice the little details and remember them. You can be difficult to surprise.


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Shepherds the Dead

You have a spiritual connection to the Night Vault, where dead souls wander in an extensive series of subterranean tunnels beneath Ardeyn, chased by umber wolves until caught or collected by the Co ...

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You possess a questioning attitude regarding claims that are often taken for granted by others. You’re not necessarily a “doubting Thomas”, but you’ve often benefited from questioning the s ...

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Slays Dragons

Of all the threats that plague Ardeyn, dragons number among the most feared. But you decided to stand up to that fear by eradicating its source, even though it means putting yourself in more peril ...

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Solves Mysteries

You are a master of deduction. With a keen eye for detail and a quick wit, you can use a selection of clues to figure out what really happened when others are left scratching their heads. While a c ...

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