You trust only what you can see with your own eyes - and sometimes not even that. You're most comfortable when you've had time to complete your research, find all the facts, and figure out the trut ...

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Employs Magnetism

Electromagnetism is a fundamental force in the universe, and it is yours to command. You are a master of metal.

You probably wear a lot of metal, perhaps as part of your clothing or armor, a ...

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You are an entertainer: a singer, dancer, poet, storyteller, or something similar. You perform for the benefit of others. Naturally charismatic and talented, you have also studied to master your ar ...

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There is no place you feel more comfortable than high above the earth. Not flying—no, thank you—but climbing, swinging, or perching. Although you are most agile among the treetops, thanks to yo ...

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You have walked a long and lonely road, leaving your home and your life behind. You might have committed a heinous crime, something so awful that your people forced you out, and if you dare return, ...

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Exists in Two Places at Once

One day, you looked into a mirror or another reflective surface and noticed that the reflection didn’t quite match your movements. After some time, the image stepped free from the surface and whe ...

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