Works Miracles

You manipulate matter and time to help others and are beloved by everyone you encounter. Some people consider you a representative of the gods or a power from beyond this world. Perhaps they’re r ...

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Works the Back Alleys

The thief, the burglar, the pickpocket: these are the dangerous individuals who haunt the back alleys of every community. You are a thief in a city or town, making your livelihood at the expense of ...

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Works the System

You’ve knocked around a lot and run afoul of the law a few times, but you’ve evaded authorities on a variety of fronts more often than not. That’s because you are adept at noticing flaws and ...

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The Strange corebook

A Cypher System campaign of Victorian horror? High fantasy? Espionage? Galaxy-spanning space opera? With the Cypher System Rulebook, running any of those is as easy as running or playing The Strang ...

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Cypher System Rulebook

The Cypher System Rulebook adapts the Cypher System to an unlimited range of campaigns and genres, giving you the complete rules set (along with dozens of optional and genre-specific rules) and hun ...

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Gods of the Fall

The Gods are Dead—Now It’s Your Turn

There was a time when gods walked the world. Their magic pervaded the earth and the sky. From their mystical realm of Elanehtar, they brought plenty ...

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Dinosaurs. Far-future technology. Broken time-travel. A cataclysmic event on the horizon. Welcome to the Cretaceous period like you've never seen it before. Welcome to Predation.


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Numenera Character Options

Every player wants to play exactly the character they envision. And Numenera Character Options is here to help make that possible! This book is brimming with new material and new choices to help ma ...

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