Exists in Two Places at Once

Page References
  • Cypher System Rulebook, Page 120

One day, you looked into a mirror or another reflective surface and noticed that the reflection didn’t quite match your movements. After some time, the image stepped free from the surface and where there was one, there were now two.

You have a doppelganger, a duplicate you can call into existence when you wish. This duplicate may be a quirk of your nature, brought on by exposure to weird energy or a piece of scarcely understood technology. Then again, this other might hail from another reality, a branching timeline that may be similar to or quite different from your own. Of course, the copy could simply be a manifestation of your will on a cloud of nanites that assume your shape when you command them. Whatever the reason for your ability, you can call forth the copy and be in two places at once.

Your duplicate is your twin. It shares more than your appearance. It duplicates your mannerisms, manner of speech, expressions, and habits. In effect, you have another you.