Channels Sinfire

Page References
  • The Strange corebook, Page 55

Lotan’s fire burns with the sin of a fallen god. Fire burns flesh, and sin burns the mind. Thus by the Maker’s will, Lotan’s fire is contained at Ardeyn’s core, so it does not sicken any except those who make the forbidden journey to look upon it.

You, however, were among the few who could sense the sinfire burning within the core. You understood its potential as a weapon, dared the screaming nightmares that afflicted you, and finally allowed the sinfire to pass through you without burning you—without burning much of you, anyhow. Because of the fire you wield, you eventually learned to sense the sins of others, which is why you are sometimes called a sinfire inquisitor.

You probably wear red and black, or perhaps orange and red. Runes that depict accusation and punishment are stitched into the hem of your coat or robes.

Although most sinfire inquisitors are paradoxes, sinfire-wielding spinners and
vectors are quite fearsome.