Battles Robots / Automatons

Page References
  • Cypher System Rulebook, Page 85

Life is for the living—the biological. Automatons, robots, animate machines, thinking machines, and anything similar are abominations. You excel at battling these anathemas, cleansing the world of their
contaminating presence.

Maybe your desire to battle automatons comes from religious zealotry. Maybe it’s steeped in revenge for some past crime committed by a machine. Maybe you don’t know why you’re driven to destroy animate
machines. Maybe you’re just good at it. You probably bear the trophies of former “kills” on you, wearing bits of circuitry or servos on your belt or around your neck. You also likely use heavy weaponry, ideal for penetrating armor.

While sometimes a big, heavy weapon is useful against these foes, those who are quick and nimble, able to leap in and cut a few vital wires here or slice through a component panel there, also excel as robot hunters.