Page References
  • Cypher System Rulebook, Page 88

You aren’t like anyone else, and that’s fine with you. People don’t seem to understand you—they even seem put off by you—but who cares? You understand the world better than they do because you’re weird, and so is the world you live in. The concept of “the weird” is well known to you. Strange devices, ancient locales, bizarre creatures, storms that can transform you, living energy fields, conspiracies, aliens, and things most people can’t even name populate the world, and you thrive on them. You have a special attachment to it all, and the more you discover about the weirdness in the world, the more you might discover about yourself.

From a certain perspective, most characters are weird in one way or another. So a character with the Weird descriptor really has to go the extra step. Work with the GM to come up with ways to really make your weird character memorable. Remember, though, weird doesn’t mean insane or evil. If anything, weird is just as often good.

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