Page References
  • Cypher System Rulebook, Page 71
  • Numenera Character Options, Page 21

You have set your sights on a goal, and everything you do is in pursuit of that objective. The thing you seek defines you—it shapes your decisions, colors your outlook, and impels you to take action even when your body and mind scream for you to give up and set the task aside, at least for a while. No matter the hardships you face along the way, you believe in your purpose and will let nothing stop you from achieving it.

You probably talk about your mission all the time, bringing it up even when it’s only tangentially connected to the conversation. You usually consider other pursuits in the context of whether or not they advance your own agenda.

Driven characters can be “one-note” in some respect, and that can be dull. Some people may want to use Driven as a temporary descriptor that lasts until their mission is done, then choose a different descriptor.