Doesn’t Do Much

You’re a slacker. You’ve had a number of jobs in your life, but nothing’s really stuck. No one thing consumes you, compels you, or drives you. You float from event to event. That doesn’t me ...

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You are quite certain that your fate is leading you, inextricably, toward a terrible end. This fate might be yours alone, or you might be dragging along the others closest to you.


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You have set your sights on a goal, and everything you do is in pursuit of that objective. The thing you seek defines you—it shapes your decisions, colors your outlook, and impels you to take act ...

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Other people are open books to you. You may have a knack for reading a person’s tells, those subtle movements that convey an individual’s mood and disposition. Or you may receive information in ...

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Employs Magnetism

Electromagnetism is a fundamental force in the universe, and it is yours to command. You are a master of metal.

You probably wear a lot of metal, perhaps as part of your clothing or armor, a ...

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