Needs No Weapons

Page References
  • Cypher System Rulebook, Page 153

You don’t use weapons—you are a weapon. With powerful punches, kicks, and fullbody moves, you inflict incredible damage on your foes. By focusing your energy, the combined power of your body and mind means you can do incredible amounts of damage without depleting your energy reserves. You might have gained your skills through intense training, various implants and enhancements, genetic mutations, or any combination of these things. Whatever the origin of your feats, you likely take good care of your body, ensuring that it remains the sharpest, most dependable weapon at your disposal.

Weaponless martial artists are both feared and revered. They wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows them a full range of movement, and they rarely use weapons other than their body’s own implements (although some carry items designed to enhance their body movements for greater effect, such as knuckle weapons, knee spikes, or boot blades).