Hunts Nonhumans

Page References
  • Cypher System Rulebook, Page 135

You see orcs, lizard people, aliens from Rigel, elves, undead, or some other sort of inhuman group as a threat to humanity. The threat is obvious to you—they attack, abduct, enslave, prey upon, or murder humans. But the threat can also be far more subtle. They infiltrate, control, subvert, undermine, and terrorize. These threats must be eradicated for the good of all. Nonhuman hunters choose their dedicated foe and focus all their attention on that one opponent whenever possible.

In this context, a nonhuman is something that isn’t human and often comes in great numbers. In a fantasy setting, it might be goblins. In a science fiction setting, it might be insectlike alien hordes. Zombies and in some cases mutants might also fit the bill, but keep in mind the similar focus Hunts Outcasts for those who specialize in fighting foes with supernatural abilities.

Whatever the foe, hunters of nonhumans know their enemy’s tactics, methods, weapons, defenses, and abilities.