Finds the Flaw in all Things

Page References
  • Gods of the Fall, Page 130

You can see the weak points in objects, in people, and even in the way people think, plan, and dream. Those flaws are always apparent, even when you don’t want to see them. If you don’t hold your tongue, you risk leaving a trail of angry and embittered people in your wake. Your burden of knowledge makes it difficult to stay in relationships long, so you cherish those who you call friends, even their flaws (though you try not to call those out too often). Some believe that your ability is the power of fate, and that one day, you will find the flaw in reality itself, and transcend.

You probably wear finely made clothing, snug enough not to snag or catch on objects in your environment, but loose enough that you can apply your knowledge of weak points in objects and people with a minimum expenditure of strength.

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