Fights Dirty

Page References
  • Cypher System Rulebook, Page 126

You know one thing for certain: the only important element of a fight is who wins. How? Why? These questions are inconsequential. Thus, you’ll do anything to win a fight. Some might say you have no honor, no class, or some other foolish statement, but they’re missing the point. You come out on top in a battle—and that’s all that matters.

You bite, scratch, kick, and trip. You tangle foes in draperies, push them down stairs, and throw dirt in their eyes. You trick them into looking the wrong way, call them names, and say terrible things about their mothers.

Maybe you learned your methods while living on the streets, or maybe you barely survived a particularly horrific battle in a military campaign. Perhaps you simply have never bought into the idea of rules or honor when your life is on the line.

You’re likely to carry a few hidden tricks, sometimes literally up your sleeve. You might have a knife in your boot, a poisoned needle in your ring, a razor in the hem of your cloak, or a handful of stinging and itching powder in a hidden pocket. Your clothing probably has a lot of pockets, actually—more than a few of them well hidden.