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  • Numenera Character Options, Page 34

When you were little, you spent a great deal of time with someone whose job it had been to collect numenera items for Queen Whenith Sarromere of Iscobal. That person told you all about the Queen’s belief in the power of dreams. You may believe the Queen gave up on her desire too soon or that she opened doors that shouldn’t have been opened. Either way, those conversations seem to have affected you, or perhaps your friend confided in you because he saw something in you.
Since childhood, your dreams have taken on a life of their own. Vivid and clear, they often seem to be telling you something important, although you can’t always figure out what it is.

You seem to need more sleep than most people, and you often tinker with numenera items in an attempt to further connect with (or disconnect from) your dreams. If your skills are not a secret, some may seek you as a portent teller, while others may shun you or fear you.

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