You talk fast, you think fast, and and you move fast. You're not the toughest, but in most situations, you don't need to be. And you're not one of those people who hides in shadows like vermin or s ...

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Through deep study, innate knowledge or hands-on experience, Tecs are able to master science and technology in its many forms. They may choose to focus their skills on one branch in particular—pe ...

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Most of the time, people would describe you as quiet and calm, a strong and steady presence that draws no attention to itself. But in truth, you're just biding your time, conserving your energies, ...

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Walks with Dinosaurs

You’re not so sure about other humans, but you and dinosaurs are like this. You just get them—and they seem to get you. Through training, technology, and an uncanny understanding, you can commu ...

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Dinosaurs. Far-future technology. Broken time-travel. A cataclysmic event on the horizon. Welcome to the Cretaceous period like you've never seen it before. Welcome to Predation.


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