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I am a Clumsy Osteon who Embraces Qephilim Ancestry.





Graceless and awkward, you were told that you’d grow out of it, but you never did. You often drop things, trip over your own feet, or knock things over. Some people get frustrated by this quality ...


Bonereader. Soothsayer. Storyteller. Historian. Mystic. Heretic. Liar. Leader. God. These are just some of the names for Osteons. The most mystical of all the types, Osteons have the power to see, ...

Embraces Qephilim Ancestry

You are a qephilim, which means your ancestors were servitors of the Incarnations. During the Age of Myth, qephilim were semidivine in their own right, and builders of the first civilizations in Ar ...