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  • Numenera Character Options, Page 33

Your time in Thaemor has taught you one thing: even the weakest of nations can one day become great. In every thing, great or small, you see the power of potential. The smallest acorn can become a towering tree—but even more than that, the tree can then become part of the finest fence, which can become part of the finest kingdom. Your view is long and grand, and you spend your life making connections between a tiny action and its greatest consequence, between a person and her long-term potential, between a thing and its eventual promise. With the right care and attention, all things (even you) can become something amazing.

It’s possible that you prefer your social and cultural footprint to be small in an effort to minimize your long-term effect on the world. Or perhaps you want to change everything, and thus you act with aplomb and carelessness. Some people may find you moving—perhaps even consider you to be a life coach or a futureteller—but others may find your blind optimism about the future irritating at best.

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