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  • Numenera Character Options, Page 43

Based on outward appearances, a mlox is nearly impossible to distinguish from a human, except for one outstanding physical
feature: a mlox can iris open a portion of his forehead, revealing a mechanical glowing “third eye.” This eye is actually the leading edge of a mechanical brain that fills a mlox’s entire brain cavity.

With their machine minds and biological bodies, mloxan are both hardier than humans and more fragile, in entirely different ways. Their mechanical brains make them quick to perceive and adapt to their surroundings, but only when their third eye is open. With this extra view on the world, mloxan can connect more directly to their surroundings, gaining unique abilities.

Mloxan may have secret names that are known only to themselves, but the names they offer to others are typically very common and very human (and have probably changed over time).

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